Beer, Pizza, and Death

Adelson The Taller's Notes

Ranting of The Taller Adelson

Red Team Session Three/Kingsgrave

Friday, October 30, 2015
8:42 PM

Moth, Quinn, Adelson, and Adelson.


Having returned from a successful excursion that didn’t do much for quest forwarding.

Cheap potions offered by “Fat” Gorlo of the Crooked Teeth.

Note to self: Having trouble with the shaping of my beard.

Off to the Stone Temple Hill of the Three Sisters.

Looking for potions. Seems quiet. Jasmine Grodo. Shrines to each of the Three Sister’s, descriptions suffered through.

Guild, again.

Looking at job board. Child Gone Missing in the Tombs. For Details please see Orv VorvenweiBt. Directed to the Broken Beetle. Guntrack, bartender, directs us to the juggler. Norv VorvenweiBt’s child Sally (age 14) is missing! Missing! (Mother, Ally) She was playing in the Old Tower.

Off to the Tower.

Paladin, Mordent the Dwarf, does a great job didn’t know much about Alexis. Talk him into helping us and finding out about Alexis.

Guild, again again.

Fixing ourselves up.

Gorlo directs us to The Last Drink. Chicken that turns people to stone (Cockatrice?) Asked about Goetic Astrology, Von Hogg.

On to The Last Drink to meet.
Gorlo, lurking in the corner with a mug of undrunk ale, hoists a leather satchel.
220 gold get’s Selene 4 red potions of healing and one, orange, of extra healing.

New pants, hats, vests, sought by Quinn and Norbert, fops extraordinaire. Shopped at Suckling the Harsh, named in remembrance of his uncle.

Black silk hat with a red band, slightly pointy. Cuthbert is touched, speechless, and also covered in the glitter used for packaging.

2d4+2 for regular healing.

The well to “downstairs”.

We secure a rope and climb down. Some of us made it safely.

Down to spider room and on… winding around.

Large circular room, a nimbus of light, a suite of floating armor with a longsword in each gauntlet. And it attacked us!
Duly disposed of.

Found a sketch of the area in chalk, spiders listed. Doors, lists passage we just went through as having a downward slope… .


GMTom vincent_haen

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