Beer, Pizza, and Death

Red Team Logbook, Chapter Four

Carefully etched writings done by Adelson.

(Friday, November 13, 2015)

Kingsgrave. Quinn, Moth, Adelson, Adelson, New Healee! Guest starring: Selise from the Blue team.

Keep strikes up a conversation with us. We discuss how we should probably get on the trail of the 14 year old young lady that probably doesn’t have a sword to defend herself.

We jumped down the well, or, I did.

We go in a couple rooms, down the long downward passage, then Limferd helps find a dead end.

We find a secret door with a long circling passage behind it.

Oddly constructed wall where to the right they are done with bricks, to the left carved stone. Some think this brick look like the walls found on the second level.

Reviewing the path so far, hairpin turn, jogs a couple time, passage comes to an end where there is a door on the right hand side.

Door opened, 40′×50′ room with seven chains scattered, hanging by solid anchors, all a bit rusty. Some chains on the floor. Door on the other side.

Door yields a 40’ (East to West), door spiked ajar at the end.

Leads to a 30′×30′ room with an enormous bronze statue with lower have of a serpent and six arms each holding a longsword. A Merrilith! With shackles on it’s wrists! Ahhhh! Moth and I back up!!!

Breeze comes from far door and swirls around. Linford sees a long long passage beyond. We all eventually make it after reviewing an acrobatic exercise.

Zig zags and lengths of tunnel. East: all brick. West: all solid stone. Around a last bend, goes 60’. As we continue on a long path, left carved stone and right all brick. Long zig zags again. Norbert creates a sledgehammer and chooses the Eastern (right hand) side [north, left was also a brick wall option].

Attacked by darkness!

We made a hole in the wall where the mouth had attacked us. We find suspended specks in the air in a debris hidden , fall as my lanterns fly near them.

Limferd gets into the room, well lit by lanterns and sees. A gigantic cockroach peruse her through the hole we’ve made and corrodes Amaruis Ochlea’s armor.

Wall starts sealing again, we get out! Back to the hallway and underway. Eventually to a room with a chest and some charred skeletons. Looks like a fireball.

“Big haul” 500 copper, 8,000 silver, 2,300 gold pieces, bag of marbles 16 × 100 gp pearls, and a staff.

Gaunt, ghoulish beings attack Amauris and Cuthbert (myself), nearly killing the poor lad. We eventually best them. Ghouls down, the treasure is ours. I start to feel better and cast the deep, powerful magic of Tenser!

Backtrack. Dodge the bronze crazy statue and the chain room. Overshoot. Back to chain room. Also, remember where the secret door was. Found it.

And, backtrack more. Find the spiderweb room. Then, we find our way back to the well climb up ourselves and hoist up a treasure. Then, we divide it up.


GMTom vincent_haen

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