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Adelson The Great's notes from first gaming session:
Just notes, folks, don't expect intelligibility.

Strigia on the border of nowhere… the royal highway and the old rode, near pretty much of nowhere

Ancient king built it… Merkle the mad… tombs go down forever.

Paladins keep things under lock and key…

So sleeping in dungeon…

Hidden adventurer’s Guild

Keep the half-orc (and fence)

Looking for a book last ween a century ago in the Slugoite’s libraries. 500 gold sovereigns if you find it!
-Ask for Svetlana at the Last Drink

Party make up:
Amauris Ochlea

Outsider from Team Number Two:

The Last Drink
Stone buildings around the Last Drink autumn outside, very grim and saw dusty inside.
Greel points out blonde dwarf woman…

Wind Gods Almanac, meteorological. Was in a catalog of the libraries of school set of by Owlgull of necromancers… located in the towers? Diviner says it still exists… Magical undertaking under the city… . Goetic… ancient common.
Cover is red with deity flowing the winds. Maybe a under Owlgull’s

Meeko Regulus, fanatic.

Lucious, figured to be Guild Leader

Approaching the stone hovels around Owlgulls…
Tower area choked with weeds
Paladins talking about something.

Old Man "Tower said to be haunted… went exploring down city well. Third one never worked. Sinister street, just down the hill.

Do gooders have stairs in the basement… city morgue.

Not that you could

Guards… drove out necromancers… Did they salvage anything. “Rules are rules.”

South and east,
Tower is north and west

Paladin Guards and "Oh, Adleson, where art thou?

By the end of it

1000 sp 80 gp

Cuthbert Notes from 2nd session
Just Gnomish notes folks, don't expect intelligibility

Session Two/Kingsgrave

Friday, October 16, 2015
6:50 PM

Old musty tome "The Truth of the Blade
Spellbook, cramped spidery writing….

Message, Spider Climb, Haste, Conjure Minor Elemental.

Chose to work for Natalia Von Hogg.
Tenebrus is introduced to us, a human “fighter”. Joins Moth, Quinn, Adelson, and Adelson. Along with Selise and Tenebrus of team blue.

Off the Broken Beetle

Sunset starts, market peddlers packing up.

Overhear guards “Alexis is a non-issue”.

Halfling sweeping the the floor.

Patron Gruntrock Inehn… human. Aelfheim Honeywine.

Von Hogg… tall skinny person and face, eating imperiously. “A great evil lies, lies, lies beneath the town…” Graham must be stopped. The Adelson’s sensed jealousy. Tenebrus. Graham was one of the necromancers that haunted

Norbert greets the elf, Lilianna.

Tenebrus pays 5 gold for a bottle of whiskey!!!

Other bars: The frigid Hogg, the Last Drink, and The Guild.

Quinn interrogates and retains the Halfling who reports that it’s a fortune telling "scam: down by the river… . Mentions the oracle down below.

Back to The Guild
Costly Oaken, gnome… with our young elf, Garth. We go our separate ways within the bar/guild. Moth writes emo poetry.

Dwarf friend at bar tells Quinn: Blind slave dwarves, elf forced them too. Attempts to sell Quinn magic axe. Tenebrus intervenes. Then learns Keeps story of 200 dwarves guarding pass from 4000 Gnolls! Mentio.ns some of the paladins are “local kids”—not necessarily even fighters". Tenebrus learns about Regulus.

Von Hoggs place of business… . Decked out with nice furniture. Graham is said, by her, to be MONSTEROUS. He’s down below, and if he wants to be found, he’d found. Usually go through the filthy Halflings at the Last Drink.

The Last Drink

Disguised Tenebrus goes into talk to Freel Weevil III under the protection of Cuthbert who is, in turn, under the protection of Amauris, who is, in turn, under the protection of Selise.

Selise, Finally works out what we heard before “You don’t find the Oracle, the Oracle finds you.”

Lemford the weasel was introduced. Selese. leads us to the hidden parts of The Last Drink that she seemed familiar with. Going Straight… see a halfling, told him we were with Lucious. The halfling pops open a secret door to the right. Manacle pulled to remember ANOTHER secret door.


Mapping done by Selise and Moth

Moth, Tenebrus, (floating towards front is) Quinn, Norbert & Cuthbert, then Selise with 40’ (20’ bright) light.

Tenebrus, the fighter, picks a lock!

Burial room. Down he hall to a portcullis, easily opened?
Paladins! Paladin’s tricked as folks hide and run.

New direction… through mural room… progress until find familiar territory. Then: Zombie things!!! Defeat 6.

Further… statues, one holding a bowl pouring water into the bowl of the other holds. But, decide on a crypt … the treasure under one unopened burial sarcophagus

3000 silver. 2700 gold pieces for the group.

Sorted into 450 gold, 500 silver (equals 500 gold) Then on our way out.

Selice gets us out of there… being familiar with another secure path.

Adelson The Taller's Notes
Ranting of The Taller Adelson

Red Team Session Three/Kingsgrave

Friday, October 30, 2015
8:42 PM

Moth, Quinn, Adelson, and Adelson.


Having returned from a successful excursion that didn’t do much for quest forwarding.

Cheap potions offered by “Fat” Gorlo of the Crooked Teeth.

Note to self: Having trouble with the shaping of my beard.

Off to the Stone Temple Hill of the Three Sisters.

Looking for potions. Seems quiet. Jasmine Grodo. Shrines to each of the Three Sister’s, descriptions suffered through.

Guild, again.

Looking at job board. Child Gone Missing in the Tombs. For Details please see Orv VorvenweiBt. Directed to the Broken Beetle. Guntrack, bartender, directs us to the juggler. Norv VorvenweiBt’s child Sally (age 14) is missing! Missing! (Mother, Ally) She was playing in the Old Tower.

Off to the Tower.

Paladin, Mordent the Dwarf, does a great job didn’t know much about Alexis. Talk him into helping us and finding out about Alexis.

Guild, again again.

Fixing ourselves up.

Gorlo directs us to The Last Drink. Chicken that turns people to stone (Cockatrice?) Asked about Goetic Astrology, Von Hogg.

On to The Last Drink to meet.
Gorlo, lurking in the corner with a mug of undrunk ale, hoists a leather satchel.
220 gold get’s Selene 4 red potions of healing and one, orange, of extra healing.

New pants, hats, vests, sought by Quinn and Norbert, fops extraordinaire. Shopped at Suckling the Harsh, named in remembrance of his uncle.

Black silk hat with a red band, slightly pointy. Cuthbert is touched, speechless, and also covered in the glitter used for packaging.

2d4+2 for regular healing.

The well to “downstairs”.

We secure a rope and climb down. Some of us made it safely.

Down to spider room and on… winding around.

Large circular room, a nimbus of light, a suite of floating armor with a longsword in each gauntlet. And it attacked us!
Duly disposed of.

Found a sketch of the area in chalk, spiders listed. Doors, lists passage we just went through as having a downward slope… .

Red Team Logbook, Chapter Four
Carefully etched writings done by Adelson.

(Friday, November 13, 2015)

Kingsgrave. Quinn, Moth, Adelson, Adelson, New Healee! Guest starring: Selise from the Blue team.

Keep strikes up a conversation with us. We discuss how we should probably get on the trail of the 14 year old young lady that probably doesn’t have a sword to defend herself.

We jumped down the well, or, I did.

We go in a couple rooms, down the long downward passage, then Limferd helps find a dead end.

We find a secret door with a long circling passage behind it.

Oddly constructed wall where to the right they are done with bricks, to the left carved stone. Some think this brick look like the walls found on the second level.

Reviewing the path so far, hairpin turn, jogs a couple time, passage comes to an end where there is a door on the right hand side.

Door opened, 40′×50′ room with seven chains scattered, hanging by solid anchors, all a bit rusty. Some chains on the floor. Door on the other side.

Door yields a 40’ (East to West), door spiked ajar at the end.

Leads to a 30′×30′ room with an enormous bronze statue with lower have of a serpent and six arms each holding a longsword. A Merrilith! With shackles on it’s wrists! Ahhhh! Moth and I back up!!!

Breeze comes from far door and swirls around. Linford sees a long long passage beyond. We all eventually make it after reviewing an acrobatic exercise.

Zig zags and lengths of tunnel. East: all brick. West: all solid stone. Around a last bend, goes 60’. As we continue on a long path, left carved stone and right all brick. Long zig zags again. Norbert creates a sledgehammer and chooses the Eastern (right hand) side [north, left was also a brick wall option].

Attacked by darkness!

We made a hole in the wall where the mouth had attacked us. We find suspended specks in the air in a debris hidden , fall as my lanterns fly near them.

Limferd gets into the room, well lit by lanterns and sees. A gigantic cockroach peruse her through the hole we’ve made and corrodes Amaruis Ochlea’s armor.

Wall starts sealing again, we get out! Back to the hallway and underway. Eventually to a room with a chest and some charred skeletons. Looks like a fireball.

“Big haul” 500 copper, 8,000 silver, 2,300 gold pieces, bag of marbles 16 × 100 gp pearls, and a staff.

Gaunt, ghoulish beings attack Amauris and Cuthbert (myself), nearly killing the poor lad. We eventually best them. Ghouls down, the treasure is ours. I start to feel better and cast the deep, powerful magic of Tenser!

Backtrack. Dodge the bronze crazy statue and the chain room. Overshoot. Back to chain room. Also, remember where the secret door was. Found it.

And, backtrack more. Find the spiderweb room. Then, we find our way back to the well climb up ourselves and hoist up a treasure. Then, we divide it up.


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