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Beer, Pizza, and Death features two player groups competing for treasure and coordinating their actions against common foes. As its name implies, this campaign is meant to be a casual game set in a brutally tough dungeon.

The Crypt of Chaos is a sandbox. Every location within the dungeon is technically available for exploration from the moment the game begins. There is no particular order that locations must be explored, and no requirement that you explore every location. Some locations will be more dangerous than others, and it will be up to the players to determine where they want their characters to venture.

Beer, Pizza, and Death is a player-driven game. The characters have a very broadly defined objective, and how the players pursue it is their choice. Character actions will have both positive and negative consequences. The campaign story arises from the events plus the characters’ actions.

The Crypt of Chaos is a dangerous place. Characters can and quite possibly will die. NPCs will die. The world might possibly end. These outcomes will be determined by the choices of the player characters.

Main Page

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