Beer, Pizza, and Death

Adelson The Great's notes from first gaming session:

Just notes, folks, don't expect intelligibility.

Strigia on the border of nowhere… the royal highway and the old rode, near pretty much of nowhere

Ancient king built it… Merkle the mad… tombs go down forever.

Paladins keep things under lock and key…

So sleeping in dungeon…

Hidden adventurer’s Guild

Keep the half-orc (and fence)

Looking for a book last ween a century ago in the Slugoite’s libraries. 500 gold sovereigns if you find it!
-Ask for Svetlana at the Last Drink

Party make up:
Amauris Ochlea

Outsider from Team Number Two:

The Last Drink
Stone buildings around the Last Drink autumn outside, very grim and saw dusty inside.
Greel points out blonde dwarf woman…

Wind Gods Almanac, meteorological. Was in a catalog of the libraries of school set of by Owlgull of necromancers… located in the towers? Diviner says it still exists… Magical undertaking under the city… . Goetic… ancient common.
Cover is red with deity flowing the winds. Maybe a under Owlgull’s

Meeko Regulus, fanatic.

Lucious, figured to be Guild Leader

Approaching the stone hovels around Owlgulls…
Tower area choked with weeds
Paladins talking about something.

Old Man "Tower said to be haunted… went exploring down city well. Third one never worked. Sinister street, just down the hill.

Do gooders have stairs in the basement… city morgue.

Not that you could

Guards… drove out necromancers… Did they salvage anything. “Rules are rules.”

South and east,
Tower is north and west

Paladin Guards and "Oh, Adleson, where art thou?

By the end of it

1000 sp 80 gp


GMTom vincent_haen

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