Located on the northern marches of the kingdom of Strigia, Kingsgrave is known only for the existence of a single feature: the Tomb of King Merkul the Mad.

Kingsgrave was established by King Merkul the Mad. A few decades after his death the hamlet was subjugated by the dark wizard Algol Demonstar. He established a school of evil wizards who tormented the citizens while using the Necropolis for some evil purpose. During this time the inhabitants of Kingsgrave transitioned from a village of grave keepers to a town of grave robbers. A few decades ago Algol’s evil reign came to the end with the arrival of the Legion of the Rose, a paladinic order.

Today they continue to govern Kingsgrave, fulfilling a charge to guard and preventaccess to the tomb. Kingsgrave has transformed from the collection of hovels of those charged with caring for the tomb to a town along an important trade route providing hospitality and taking a toll from merchants traversing its length.


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